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30th Annual Washington Spring Ball — May 14, 2016


Resources for callers and dancers

  • Links to select videos of dances (click on a dance title).
  • Instructions for dances — Ball Program updated icon (download, 1.8 MB).
  • Sheet music for tunes not found in Barnes.
  • References to dance tunes found in Peter Barnes' The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, Volumes 1 and 2 (source for Peter's books).

Enjoy the Ball!

Dance Titles
Click on a dance title to see a video
Source for Tunes in
Barnes /  Sheet Music
for Dances
Alice Tune: B2 Refer to

Ball Program updated icon

(Download, 1.8 MB)
Bar a Bar Tune: B1
Cockle Shells Tune: B2
Fair and Softly Tune: B1
The Farmer's Joy Tune: The Farmer's Joy
Gold for the Mahieus Tune: B2
The Homecoming Tune: B2
Horseplay Tune: B2
Michael and All Angels * 
*The video IS for Michael and All Angels, contrary to the text accompanying the video.
The progression in the video is different from that which will be danced at the Ball.
Tune: B1
Pluck Me a Fig Tune: Winter Oranges
Prince William Tune: B1
Puck's Deceit Tune: B2
Snow Day Tune: Snowbound
Speed the Plough Tune: B1
The Two CousinsTune: B2
Watkin's Ale
Download a Dance Diagram
Tune: Tune: Watkin's Ale
We Meet Again Tune: Welcome Home, My Dearie
The Young Widow Tune: B1

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