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31st Annual Washington Spring Ball — May 20, 2017

Resources for callers and dancers —

  • Links to videos of dances (click on a dance title to view).
    • The execution of dances in some videos may be slightly different from the manner in which they will be done at the Ball.
  • Instructions for dancesupdated iconBall Program (download, 1.8 MB).
  • References to dance tunes found in Peter Barnes' The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes, Volumes 1 and 2 (B1 & B2). Here's a (source for Peter's books).
  • Sheet music for tunes not found in Barnes.

Enjoy the Ball!

cover shot
Emperor of the Moon — dances
reconstructed by Andrew Shaw,
with tunes (cover illustration).

Click on links to view videos, and, to view / download sheet music and instructions.
Dance Titles Source for Tunes in
Barnes /  Sheet Music
Instructions for
Dancesupdated icon
After Dinner Maggot Tune: After Dinner Maggot Ball Program
(PDF, 1 MB)
Beach Spring Tune: B1
Beautyberry Tune: Baptist Johnson
Cottonwood Tune: B2
Dance of a Lifetime Tune: Yonder Year by Year
Emperor of The Moon Tune: Emperor of The Moon
Andrew Shaw's notes on the tune
Geud Man of Ballangigh Tune: Hunt the Squirrel, B1
Graphite Tune: Graphite
The Haymakers Tune: Highland Lilt, B2
Mr. Isaac's Maggot Tune: B1
Mistwold Tune: B2
Noisette Tune: Noisette
The Punch-Bowl Tune: B1
Ramblin' Rosie Tune: Ramblin' Rosie
Sapphire Sea Tune: Tom Kruskal's updated icon
Terry's Triad Tune: Hagley Assembly
Trip to Paris Tune: B1
Waters of Holland (advance to ~3:20) Tune: B1

 Thanks to Rich Galloway for the excellent Ball Program.

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