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Organizational Activities
FSGW English Country Dance

Report of Restructuring Committee, Annual Meeting, September 22, 2010

Members of the Restructuring Committee conducted a meeting of FSGW English country dancers to inform them of the accomplishments of the last year, status of planning activities, and plans for continuing activities. After a report on the Committee's activities, Melissa Running facilitated a a discussion session with meeting participants, summarized below.


Approval of Continued Activity

First, we approved the Group of Five to continue as our governing body for another year, and sent the Restructuring Committee off to continue its work, with the aim of having the new structure fleshed out, ratified, and in place by fall of next year.

Posting of report for Community's Benefit

We plan to post these ideas on a web site maintained by Roger, and to send email notifying folks of that posting.

Comments on the structure itself

Most nodded agreement that it's a good beginning structure, as we start out on this project. Some felt it seemed like a lot of structure. Others felt the structure was rather nebulous. Roger pointed out that the dance and dance community have grown, and thus what has been ad hoc is now being made more formal. Stephanie pointed out that this raises the visibility of the organizing body, which has *existed* before, but not been visible. It's also good to have for the purposes of continuity (and recording procedures is part of that — so others can step into roles as needed), allows for a quicker response to expected or unexpected events, and serves as a protective layer.

Is late September a good time for the annual meeting?

We presume other meetings would not attempt a 7 p.m. start, which was clearly early for most. Shortly before the Baltimore Ball was suggested as an alternative date, with debate about the factors of drawing more people, but having those people be focused either on running the ball, or learning the ball dances as best they can and feeling the time pressure. Note: federal employees feel time pressure with end-of-fiscal-year duties in September.

Attendees were asked for input on terms and term limits proposed by Restructuring Committee

Meeting attendees provided the Big Thing we hadn't thought of yet: replacement procedures in case someone can't complete their one-year term. Several suggestions were offered, including:

Factors the Restructuring Committee should consider as it mulls this issue: how far into the term it is, whether the person departing is a chair or treasurer (or what their other duties are).

Community input sought on possible venues for dances, especially balls

Suggestions from the participants for alternate venues included:

A plea was made for additional suggestions to be passed on to the "Hall Committee" (Roger Broseus, Jim Mielke, and Michael Barraclough) or to members of the Restructuring Committee or "Group of Five," who will pass them along.

Additional Comments Welcomed

Melissa encouraged feedback — suggestions / comments — on the organizational restructuring. These can be given to Committee members, verbally or via email to Melissa Running, . The Committee has particular interest in thoughts and ideas on the structure of the organization.

For other thoughts and ideas about the running of the organization as it stands, please share them with Stephanie Smith, chair of the "Group of Five," at .

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