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Report of English Country Dance Restructuring Committee

Roger Broseus, presenter at Meeting of Dancers, September 22, 2010

Introduction and Welcome

Restructuring Committee Members

Michael Barraclough, Roger Broseus, Liz Donaldson, Melissa Running, Stephanie Smith, Laura Schultz, Tom Spilsbury.

Others who attended and provided input include JoAnn Morris, and David Shewmaker.

As a member of the Committee who have worked on restructuring during the past year, I count myself (Roger Broseus) as a dancer in contrast to the professional experience of other members of the group. So, we dancers benefit from an accomplished group of dedicated people with experience and knowledge such as,

Accomplishments since meeting with dancers one year ago

Status and Progress

Restructuring Committee Activities

Progress Report — Where We Are Now — with Recommendations of the Restructuring Committee

Note: after this part of the session, we'll be seeking your feedback.

Possibilities for Subcommittees
(some already exist, functionally)

Responsibilities of subcommittees should include,

The future: the planning and implementation are incomplete

Other recommendations / observations

Goals for activities of the "Group of Five" for the next half year

Next: Group Discussion, facilitated by Melissa Running

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