Temple of Horus

IMG 3480  --> Temple of Horus asway.idfu.satt  --> Our first stop after departing Asway aboard the Karim was Idfu (Edfu). (March 11) IMG 3514  --> The Edfu temple complex was built in 237-57 BC and was dedicated to Egyptian god  Horus . IMG 3513-3  --> Betty and Roger with  Horus . IMG 3490  --> Ornately decorated hypostyles (columns) in temple. IMG 3491  --> More hypostyles. Notice the  lotus  decorations at the top of the columns as well as the colored pigments remaining on the ceiling art work.
IMG 3498  --> Fueneraly carriage. IMG 3508  --> IMG 3508-2  --> This series of images were taken to illustrate the huge scale of the temple works. IMG 3509-2  --> IMG 3510-2  --> IMG 3594  --> Intracate decorations inside of the temple, lit by a crude light bulb on a stick propred agains the wall.