St. Petersburg to Moscow via the Waterways of Russia

Symbols of Russia
Symbols of Russia


Betty and Roger's trip to Russia - August to September 2007. Pictured above symbolic images of Russia. From upper left: Puskin in Puskin Square, Moscow; Double-headed eagle; Star made of crushed rubies on top of one of many spires surrounding the Kremlin; Gigantic sculpture of ship - symbolic of Russia's naval prowess -in river across from the Kremlin; Statue in front of Moscow's port on the Volga; Russian flag; hammer and cycle on front of public building, Moscow.

All the pictures are on the following pages. Click the small images to see them larger. Click the left and right edges of the large images to step through a whole page as a slideshow. For printing or editing, fetch the high-resolution original image by clicking the Original link at the bottom right of each large photo.

Individual pages:
1. St. Petersburg
2. Palace of Catherine the Great
3. Hermitage - St. Petersburg. Get-away of Catherine the Great - a place to be a "hermit,"
- now a museum stuffed with treasures. Viewed from the River Neva.

4. Peter Hof - Peter the Great's "hovel" on the Bay of Finland, St. Petersburg
5. Kizhi Island
6. St. Petersburg to Moscow on the "Waterways of the Czars"
7. Goritsy
8. Ouglich (Uglich)
9. Yarolslavl
10. Moscow
11. Businesses of Russia
12. "Propaganda"
13. Best for Next-to-Last: the People of Russia
14. Before and After


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