• Our Airstream framed by red woods in campgroud, Yosemite National Park.
  • There was a lot of snow and ice in the camp ground. Four wheel drive was needed to back into the space.
  • Snow turned to slush which turned to ice. Note the absence of other campers. Only one of many camp grounds was open in Yosimete and at this camp ground, only one of three, 50-site loops, was open. Ours was one of about seven rigs and tents in the camp ground.
  • Death Valley Campground. Our Airstream, the tiniest rig, is in the near foreground about 1/4 th  in from the right.
  • Close up of Airstream at Death Valley Campground.
  • Death Valley - view from campground.
  • Camping in the Walmart Parking lot, Ft. Stockton, TX. The most I've ever seen at Walmart, there were about ten rigs parked here.