Hoover Dam

  • Hoover Dam
  • State Hwy 172, Hoover Dam Access Road, descends from the east side of the dam.
  • Looking down on the dam from Hwy 172. Hwy 172 dead ends just east of the dam; it was formerly US 93 until the completion of a new bridge over the canyon.
  • Another view of the dam from Hwy 172. Water intake towers are visible to the right of the arc of the dam. The water falls through turbins to provide hydroelectric power.
  • A highway and walkways cross the Colorado River on top of the dam.
  • Looking down into the canyon where water exits from the turbines of the hydroelectric plant. High tension lines carrying power away from the dam are visible and, looking closely, one can see motor vehicles on the road in front of the power plant.
  • On the Colorado River, the dam is on the NV side of the river which separates AZ and NV at this point. Towers canted at weird angles carry high tension lines up and over the steep side of the canyon.
  • The bridge in the background US Hwy 93 which formerly crossed the dam. Laura worked on environmental permitting for the bridge.