Big Bend Natl. Park 9/17 - 10/3

Our prized destination.
Approaching Big Bend National Park. The mountainous ciff in the far distance form the far distance are on the other side of the Rio Grande River - forming the border with Mexico.
Here's the escarpment seen at some distance in the proceeding image. The Rio Grande flows by. We are on the USA side, looking across into Mexico.
Looking across the muddy Rio Grande into Mexico, near Boquillas Crossing. Boquillas is in a far, remote area of northern Mexico.
A lookout point in Boquillas Canyon.
Cacti at the edge of the scenic view point. Note hikers on the ridge.
Closer view of flowering cacti.
Artsy-fartsy view of cacti in bloom.
Brother Gene at the view point.
Driving down the road, leaving Boquillas Canyon overlook.
A private residence along the Rio Grande.
Boquillas, Mexico.
Killing time.