Fort Davis 9/17 - 10/3

Downtown Ft. Davis: the drug store has no drugs or other medicines. It's now just a show place. Brother found out the hard way when went in for a headache remedy and came out empty handed.
Situated on a main route to the southwest, Ft. Davis guarded the way. The Big Bend of the Rio Grande River is clearly seen in this map. The first leg of our trip took us from El Paso to Ft. Davis.
The land around Ft. Davis.
We camped at nearby Davis Mountain State Park.
A dip in the road at the camp ground had this flood gauge. When it rains in the desert, it POURS and flash flooding is a hazard to avoid.
Cliffs behind the fort. The next slides show mountains to the west of Fr. Davis from that vantage point.
Evening drive on a scenic highway on the other side of the mountains from Ft. Davis.
Cliffs illuminated by the evening sun.
Ft. Davis is miles from anywhere.
This sign, entitled "First Contact," speaks to what people got entangled in.
Text of explanatory sign appears enlarged in next slide.
Framework for an Indian dwelling.
Brother Gene, hanging out.
Dwellings for soldiers stationed at Ft. Davis.
Dilapidated structure.
General store.
Display inside the store.
A wagon train, pictured in the general store.