River Road 9/17 - 10/3

Remote scenic road along the Rio Grand
A view from River Road — a remarkable, scenic highway. The overlook from which this image was made, appears in the next slide.
TX Hwy 170, "River Road," follows the Rio Grande River from Terlingua to Presidio. Here's our RV at the overlook.
Looking eastward, back down the road towards the scenic overlook — the top of our RV is barely visible to the left of the yellow curve sign; the Rio Grande winds off beyond.
Another view down on the river from the overlook.
Same view, different angle, with cacti in the foreground.
Another view of the road, winding off in the distance. Mexico is on the other side of the muddy Rio.
Notice the large rocks - they were blown out from a volcano.
Looking in the opposite / westerly direction from the overlook.
Looking down an embankment. The Rio Grande is brown from silt washed down from upstream. Flow was high because waster was being released from reservoirs to provide for irrigation.
A memorial to someone who went over the edge.
Remanents of a vehicle that got too close and went over the edge.
A spot at riverside. The muddy river is in the middle ground. That's Mexico on the other side of the river.
A funny name for a creek. Guessing: maybe smugglers transported goods from Mexico?
More volcanic rock — especially the dark brown ones.
Large volcanic rocks above the RV, parked at the crest of the hill, across from the scenic overlook.
Leaving the overlook, the road dropped quickly.
With the riverside left behind, the road stretches on into the distance towards Terlinqua. Notice the yellow flowers blooming along side the road.
In Terlingua, we stayed at the Study Butte RV Park. This is a view of the engaging "office."
Not quite sure what the purpose of this, the "main building," was.
Notice the "cutsie" adornments.