Soto Vista & Santa Elena Canyon 9/17 - 10/3

Pictures don't do justice to Sotol Vista: one can see beyond forever from this elevated vantage point that we stopped at en route to Santa Elena Canyon.
View from Sotol Vista. The notch near the right border in the mountain ridge in the far distance may be Santa Elena Canyon. It's just above the dark gray ridge in the foreground. Beyond that is a faint, blue ridge in Mexico.
Another view, looking southwest. The notch is about 1/3rd in from the left.
The road to the overlook winds up a hill from the east.
Another view from the lookout.
Cliffs to the east of Santa Elana Canyon.
A view of cliffs at Santa Elena Canyon, pieced together from the next three shots. The Rio Grande flows through the notch — the canyon — in the cliffs. A tourist is visible at the far right. Muddy river water can be seen, dead center.
This and the next two images were used to make the panoramic composite.
A man views the canyon from an overlook.
A closer view of the opening into the canyon.
The Rio Grande flowing from the canyon's mouth. (Image from the web.)
(Image from the web.)
(Image from the web.)
(Image from the web.)
Walkway to the Rio Grande.
Arial view of Santa Elan Canyon. The loop at the end of the road, lower right, gives access to the overlook, with a path down to the river also visible. (Image from the web.)
Satellite view of canyon. The overlook is highlighted. (Image from the web.)