Valentine TX 9/17 - 10/3

Don't Blink!
Dessert View RV Park. Note the absence of other campers. Seeing no RVs, we drove right past — twice!
The Dessert View RV Park is where this shot of the Milky Way was taken. After several days in the Big Bend area, this was the first night with a clear sky. No sky shine down the road from Valentine.
Ah, there's the sign. The "park" is visible as a dark, brownish gray area to the right of the Chilcote Rance sign. No RVs. Not seeing any, we proceeded down the ranch road for a couple of miles back into the ranch land.
A better view of the RV Park. The sign is on an old wind mill tower.
This incongruous tribute to materialism, a mock-up of a Prada store, is located down the road from the RV park. The owners of the park are paid to maintain this piece of "art." It's part of the eclectic art scene in Marfa and nearby areas. (Image from web.)
A sign in front of the Prada place.