Flowers 9/17 - 10/3

While we did not see wide expanses of dessert flowers in bloom, we were rewarded with many small stands of flowers. These were the first to greet us on the highway to Rio Grande Village in Big Bend Natiional Park.
We saw many small stands of these yellow flowers.
Cacti in bloom, Boquillas Canyon.
These flowers were next to our camp site in Chisos Basin, as were those in the next slides.
Leaving Chisos Basin, we saw this "century plant", Agave americana.
A slightly closer view of the century plant. It is so named because it seldom blooms.
A rain storm can be seen in the middle-distance. Such down pours water the flowers but also cause flash floods in the dessert. We soon came a a flooding wash, blocking the way down the road.
Colorful flowers in front of our camp site at the Fort Bliss family camp.
Closeup of flowers at camp site.
Beautiful, purple flowers at a rest stop near Las Curces, NM.