Folk / Camping / Etc.  At The Fiddler's Convention 8/8/08—10/25/20

One of several memorable people in the crowd at the convention.
A laid-back fellow enjoying his snuff — a can of which is in his left hand.
The image of a gun toting bride and groom in a local newspaper caught my eye.
Natty dresser roaming the grounds - he was a member of the more color coordinated band; notice a mandolin tucked under his arm
Grabbing a quick snack of corn on the cob.
On Thursday night I noticed large sheets of plywood on the ground, stage left, and wondered what they were for. I found out later: they were for those who were inspired by the music to clog.
Cloggers, all dressed up.
This lady was tooling around the grounds on a self powered, riding, picnic cooler - head lights and all. She proudly stopped and posed.
With a pleased expression, she shows off the interior of the two compartment cooler. The front compartment is for drinks while the motor and battery are housed in the back.
I was surprised to see a reference to crabs on the back of the seat. On top, the decal reads: "Bite Me;" bottom: "Baltimore, MD." There's a scantily clad woman on the right — and a trailer hitch!
The convention is held at the fair grounds. Contestants and others lived there all week in their RVs - hundreds of people.
A converted school bus . . .
. . . 57 years for the owner, 33 years for the bus at the convention.
Another view of the bus.
Inside the bus — the owner kindly invited me for a beer. Purty fancy!
. . . an antique . . .
. . . a 1941 Greyhound - these buses passed in front of our house on U.S. Rt. 40 back in Ohio where I growed up.
In another direction I spied an older bus . . .
The owner was having mechanical difficulties with the bus. Chains were, hanging down, front left and right. The owner indicated that the bus would not run because of clutch problems so he had it towed to the fair grounds for the convention.