img 0913  --> In the town of Ňove Hrady img 0917  --> Plaque on front of building. img 0916  --> Crest on front of building showing the double tailed lion, emblematic of the Czech Republic. img 0918  --> Church in Ňove Hrady. img 0912  --> Looking down a street in Ňove Hrady towards the church. img 0921  --> Inside of Ňove Hrady church.
img 0927  --> Žumberk img 0926  --> Walled enclave in Žumberk img 0924  --> Another view of enclave. img 0928  --> Sculpture in court yard. img 0929  --> Sculpture img 0941  --> Tŕeboň town square. A typical town in Bohemia. The statue is in memory of those who died during the black plague.
img 0939  --> Entrance to Regent Brewery, Tŕeboň. img 0940  --> Guide in Regent Brewery. He explained that they brew several different strengths of beer, including "truckers beer." It has a low alcohol content so that drives don't fail breathalizer tests. img 0933  --> Dance class in Tŕeboň, conducted by our leader Jan Pumper, middle right in the blue shirt. img 1052  --> A bit blurry - taken through a bus window as we left Tŕeboň, the home of a large fish hatchery industry. img 0909  --> Men's room. img 0910  --> Ladies room.