Charles Bridge

img 1211  --> Gate to Charles Bridge img 1180  --> Charles Bridge gate on opposite (castle side) of river. img 1178  --> Betty on the cross over between towers of the Charles Bridge tower / gate. She's right in the middle in a blue jacket. img 1179  --> There she is! img 1207  --> Statue of King Charles, the Czech peoples' favorite king. img 1203  --> Ornate decor on top of gate tower.
img 1183  --> View from bridge with many tourists with Cathedral of St.Vitus in background. img 1202  --> Another view of bridge tower. img 1181  --> Rough stuff - let's look in the "jail" (behind the bards) . . . img 1182  --> The prisoners don't look too happy and the dog's ready for action. img 1187  --> Numerous statues line the bridge. Here's the ubiquitous St. John of Nepomuk. img 1190  --> Plaque at base of statue of St. Nepomuk on Charles Bridge. Notice the dog is bright from people petting it.
img 1191  --> Plaque at base of statue of St. Nepomuk on Charles Bridge. img 1192  --> Plaque at base of statue of St. Nepomuk on Charles Bridge. img 1193  --> Betty helps with the polishing. img 1198  --> Statue on bridge: The Crucifix and Calvary. The text is derived from the words of the prophet Isaiah and reads, in English,  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts . These words, which are the origin of the Sanctus in the Mass, are an important confession of faith in the Jewish tradition as well. img 1199  --> The golden Hebrew text on the crucifix was added to The Crucifix and Calvary in 1696 as punishment for a Prague Jew, Eliass Backoffen, who had been convicted of debasing the Holy Cross by not removing his hat while passing by it. img 1194  --> View from bridge of small ferry crossing the River Vltava.
img 1186  --> View of River Vltava from Charles Bridge. Several tourist boats ply the Vltava and offer dinner cruises at night. img 1195  --> View of Cathedral of St. Vitus and Prague Castle from Charles Bridge. img 1201  --> Another view, in the center distance, of the Cathedral of St. Vitus, Prague Castle and River Vltava. img 1205  --> A view from Charles Bridge. img 1213  --> The Charles Bridge from the easter shore. Note the out door restaurant on the patio cantilevered over the river.