Royal Gardens

img 1156  --> The Royal Gardens are near the castle in Prague. Here we stumbled across a bird rescue operation, populated by raptors. img 1164  --> This falconer was the keeper of the birds. Many hatched from eggs and imprinted on him. img 1165  --> Unfastening a golden eagle from its perch. img 1161  --> Betty gets to hold a golden eagle. She's wearing a leather glove with a long gauntlet to protect her arm; the eagle also has a hood over its head to keep it from pecking her. img 1163  --> img 1162  -->
img 1169  --> The young lady told us of efforts to rescue birds and return them to the wild. At our request, she posed with the falconer at our request for a photo. (He hammed it up a bit.) Observe the decorative renaissance style wall behind them. The decorations appear to be in relief. img 1167  --> Closer view of wall. img 1168  --> Upon close inspection we find that the wall had a surface coat of white material which was scarified to make the design appearing thereon. img 1159  --> A palace guard. Guard and his girl friend. She said his picture was on a billboard in Prague and that he was picked because he is handsome. img 1160  --> img 1146  --> Entrance to building which appeared to house a large meeting room. Note view through door to another door on the opposite side.
img 1147  --> Scarified surface of wall to create design seen in previous slide. img 1151  --> View of door on opposite side of building. Small glass panes are fitted in with lead channels, similar to the making of Tiffany lamp shades and stained glass windows.