Cairo - Tent Makers Street

IMG 4569  -->  The Street of Tent Makers  in old Cairo. Named for makers of tents which were sold to  Bedouins  to use in the desert, the old shopping now sells other items, including those that appeal to tourists. IMG 4587  --> We purchased this intricate, hand-made tapestry; it hangs in our living room. A throw pillow with the same design adorns the couch. Made like a quilt, the appliques technique appears related to appliques applied to  Bedouin tents . IMG 4583  --> Wooden beams tied together with rope form part of the structure. IMG 4574  --> A horse drawn cart trundles through between the shops lining the street. IMG 4576  --> IMG 4577  --> Followed by a modern car.
IMG 4571  --> Hanging out on tent makers' street. IMG 4554  --> An armed guard accompanied us while shopping. There's a bulge under the left side of his jacket - an Uzi was underneath. The fellow had a good sense of humor. IMG 4581  --> A lady on tent makers' street. IMG 4585  --> A shop selling wares for the kitchen.