Chefs and Cooks - Karim

IMG 3804  --> Chef and head waiter preparing to serve lunch on the top deck of the Karim. IMG 3818  --> From behind the counter. img 3834  --> The chef stirs. img 3836  --> Roger gets to "help" stir. Notice the smile on the chef's face - the crew was very friendly. img 3837  --> Another friendly crew member smiles and waves from behind the self-serve bar. img 3841  --> A cook prepares a fantastical creation from an eggplant, etc.
img 3838  --> A fantastical creation from an egg plant and other foods. img 3839  --> Closeup. img 3844  --> The chef, a crew member, and our guide hanging out on deck. img 3553  --> Crew member at the bar in the lounge. IMG 3975  --> On our final night on board the Karim we had a Good Bye dinner. IMG 3955  --> The chef cooks up a dish for our Good Bye dinner.
IMG 3970  --> Putting foods in place for serving. IMG 3974  --> To the right is a bird carved from a large melon. The crew is dressed for the occasion and have instruments for a make shift band. IMG 3954  --> Close up of food art. IMG 3951  --> The chef poses with Roger in costume.