IMG 3531  --> The Karim — the last, steam powered, paddle wheel boat on the Nile. Built for King Farouk in 1917. IMG 3944  --> The Karim Docked along the way.  Karim  is one of the 99 names of Allah, meaning  generous . IMG 4041  --> The captain leans over the rail. On the foredeck can be seen a steam powered winch. IMG 3532  --> Crew readying to sail. IMG 3904  --> The captain at the wheel. Notice beds for some crew members behind the captain. IMG 3905  --> A view down river over the captain's shoulder.
IMG 4040  --> Checking to make sure things are in order before casting off. IMG 3573  --> King Farouk IMG 3793  --> Ornate decorations and table in the corridor leading to the main lounge. IMG 3842  --> Royal Crest hanging above the bar on the outdoord dinning deck. IMG 3911  --> Betty checks out the top deck and pulls a cord to blow the ship's whistle — steam can be seen coming from the whistle. IMG 3815  --> The smoke stack of the Karim tilts to allow passage under low bridges on the Nile. The Karim's swimming pool is in the foreground.
IMG 3814  --> Another view of the stack, tilted. IMG 3902  --> A crew man demonstrates the steam powered winch. IMG 3901  --> Another view of the winch. IMG 3811  --> Vendors pulled along side the Karim tryhing to sell various wares. They would wad them into a bundle and throw them up to passengers for inspection. IMG 3825  --> Vendors. IMG 3541  --> A scow collects trash from the Karim.
IMG 3546  --> The upper deck of the Karim where we took breakfast and lunch when aboard. laurie&jim  --> Friends from nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland, who were on the trip. IMG 3542  --> The main lounge of the Karim. Richly paneled in wood with comfortable, overstuffed seating. IMG 3543  --> Anothe view of the lounge. IMG 3545  --> The bar in the lounge. img 3553  --> A bartender at work.
IMG 3917  --> Our tour guide lectures about life in Egypt.      

Our Stateroom

Our stateroom.

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Towel Art

"Towel Art"

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Good Bye Dinner - Dress Up Night

Goodbye Dinner

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Engine Room

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