Mena House Hotel - Pyramids Hotel

IMG 4514  --> Ornate lobby of Mena House, the hotel we stayed in within sight of the Great Pyramids. IMG 4472  --> Great Pyramid viewed from the grounds of Mina House. IMG 0123  --> Ornate . . . whadya call it . . . device(?) hanging in a pergola outside of the hotel. IMG 4512  --> Birds of Paradise decorating the hotel lobby. The shot was taken in front of a mirror, hence you see the photographer. IMG 4511  --> Hotel lobby. IMG 4501  --> Dinning room.
IMG 4505  --> Corridor en route to dinning room. Marble walls and notice the overhead lights made from ornately cut metal. IMG 4510  --> Closeup of ornately cut metal light fixture. IMG 4493  --> During dinner we were entertained by a whirling dervish. IMG 4495  --> IMG 4497  --> IMG 4487  --> A lady performed a dance with a candelabra on her head, with burning candles.
IMG 4499  --> A man who dances with the lady in the previous image. IMG 4610  --> Members of our group waiting for a bus to take them to the airport. IMG 4612  --> IMG 4609  --> Checking for fragrance of floweres in the hotel lobby. IMG 4467  --> Two ladies pose with the Great Pyramid in the background. IMG 4504  --> A member of our group shows off her knee support.