A Tour Down the Nile
program  --> Pictures from our trip to Egypt in 2008 egypt.sattelite 4  --> We flew to Cairo, laid over, and flew to Aswan. There we boarded the Karim and traveled down the Nile to Luxor and returned, with stops along the way. A side flight took us to Abu Simbel. Afterwards, we flew back in Cairo to see the city and the Pyramids.  (The Nile flows north to the Mediterranean Sea, hence, "down river" is north.)  Distances: Cairo to Aswan - 433 mi; Aswan to Abu Simbel - 134 mi. IMG 3531  --> Pictured here is the Karim. The tour was organized by Ken McFarland. Next "slide" / PDF — a detailed description of our itinerary, with descriptions of the tour stops. egypt.itinerary  --> canon.s2is  --> PHOTOGRAPHY — Most images were shot with a  Canon S2 IS . Specs: 5.0 Megapixel image receptor, 1/2.5 inch, charge coupled device (CCD); 12x optical zoom with image stabilization. The camera is 2005 "vintage." The S2 IS took great photos. The 5 MP image receptor enabled "zooming in" in details, e.g., images taken at Abu Simbel from an airplane. Some photos were taken with the more compact Canon A520, a 4 MP camera with a 4x optical zoom.