Sights Along the Nile

IMG 3549  --> Sights along the Nile: the protypical  Feluccas , sail boats, ply the Nile. After visiting Luxor, we sailed southward, up the Nile, returning to Aswan on March 17 th . IMG 0091  --> In some locations the Nile is broad and shallow. IMG 3753  --> A narrow strip of irrigated land appears between the Nile and surrounding desert. Notice an apparent entrance/portal to a below ground area in the center of this image. IMG 3923  --> Again, one can see the desert just beyond a narrow band of irrigated land. IMG 3879  --> Shelter made of reeds with cows in foreground. IMG 3569  --> Sunset on the Nile.
IMG 3557  --> Passengers boarding a ferry - in Luxor as I recall. IMG 3550  --> Another tour boat moored behind ferries. IMG 3548  --> Another Felluca. IMG 3750  --> A temple on top of a hill next to the Nile. IMG 3864  --> Sunset IMG 3982  --> Bridge over the Nile, viewed at night from the rear of the Karim.