Step Pyramids of Zoser

IMG 4286  -->  Step Pyramid of Zoser  (other spelling: Djsor). Located at the ancient necropolis at  Saqqara , in the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis.  (March 18) IMG 4312  --> Looking at successively closer images in this series of slides shows how the pyramid was built and the scale of stones use for the pyramid. IMG 4314  --> Here the people to the right give a sense of scale and how immense the structures are. IMG 4315  --> This pyramid, was built earlier than those at the Giza Necropolis using techniques that some say were "experimental," using more primative techniques than those used at Giza. IMG 4316  --> Closeup of stones from which the pyramid was built. IMG 4301  --> The pyramid was built in the 27 th  century BC — that is, ~ 4,700 years ago, making them older than the "ancient" pyramids in Giza, nearer to Cairo.  The pyramid is part of the archeological remains in the Saqqara necropolis, ~12 mi south of Cairo. It was built for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by Imhotep, his vizier and is the central feature of a vast mortuary complex.
pyramids.not.ready  --> IMG 4271  --> Nearby tomb. IMG 4272  --> No cameras! IMG 4268  --> Beautifully preserved paintings — thousands of years old. IMG 4309  --> Camel drivers resting on hill behind pyramid. IMG 0105  --> Camel driver poses for a picture.
IMG 0106  --> Betty loves animals. IMG 4275  --> IMG 4280  --> One of our party climbing aboard for camel ride. IMG 4281  --> Up, up, and . . . IMG 4282  --> . . . Away. IMG 4284  --> Roger got to pose with a camel too.
IMG 4274  --> Police mounted on camels patrol the grounds. IMG 4292  --> Police mounted on camels.