Temple of Isis - Philae Island

IMG 4149  --> Trajan's Kiosk (foreground) and Temple of Isis (right) — from Philae Island (March 18). IMG 4102  --> We must travel by boat to reach  Philae Island  temples. IMG 4144  --> Many boats were available for the touristas. philae.1906  --> Philae Island, 1906. With the building of the Aswan Low Dam in 1906, the temples were subject to annual flooding. They were saved by dismantling them and moving them to higher ground on the Island of Agilkia in the 1960s - another UNESCO project.  Credit: Image from the Travelers in the Middle East Archive (TIMEA), Uniform Resource Identifier: 20965. Original source: De Guerville, A. B.  New Egypt . E.P. Dutton & Company, New York, 1906. p. 230a. IMG 4156  --> A view of a neighboring town from our boat en route to Philae Island temples. IMG 4139  -->  Trajan's Kiosk .
IMG 4142  --> IMG 4135  --> The temple is one of several called  Nubian Monuments  built between Abu Simbel and Philae Island. The structures on Philae Island were built  circa  380 to 145 BC. column  --> Pillar inside of temple. IMG 4103  --> Philae Temple of Isis. IMG 4104  --> IMG 4143  --> Temple of Isis.
IMG 4138  --> IMG 4108  --> Figures and hieroglyphs on Temple Isis. IMG 4130  --> In the 19th century AD, William John Bankes brought an obelisk from Philae to England. On the obelisk was engraved a petition. Comparison of Egyptian hieroglyphs on the obelisk with those of the  Rosetta stone , it led to greater understanding of the Egyptian consonantal alphabet. IMG 4122  --> Ancient art works inside the temple. IMG 4129  --> IMG 4113  -->
IMG 0101  --> An Egyptian cat lounges inside of a temple. IMG 4105  --> IMG 4141  --> A Nubian guard takes a snooze. IMG 4148  --> We depart the island. IMG 4147  --> IMG 4163  --> Armed guards on the road to/from the island.