Temple of Karnack - Luxor

IMG 0061  --> Temple at Karnack - view of pyong of the temple of Amun-Re. (March 13, Luxor) IMG 3664  --> Admission prices in L.E. —  Egyptian pounds . During our trip in 2008, the exchange rate was approximately 5.3 LE per dollar. As of this writing (2013), one dollar gets about 7 LE. Internationally, the LE is know as the EGP (Egyptian Pound). IMG 3671  --> IMG 0060  --> Ram statues at Karnak. IMG 3722  --> Gigantic hypostyles (columns). IMG 3677  -->
IMG 3683  --> IMG 3679  --> IMG 3716  --> IMG 3717  --> IMG 3689  --> A young boy shows off with a hand stand in a portico of the temple. IMG 3686  --> Betty in front of three obelisks, one laying on it's side. Note how large the obelisk is next to Betty. There is a famous obelisk in the USA: the Washington Monument.  (Reference:  obelisk .) This obelisk may have been made ready for transport down the Nile for erection at another location.
IMG 3687  --> Roger with obelisks in the background. IMG 3688  --> A closer view of an obelisk. They were hewn from solid stone and transported down the Nile to other locations where they were erected. 3692  --> As with the Great Pyramids, the method used to erect the obelisks remains an unsolved mystery. Two obelisks from Luxor are now  in the Place de la Concorde in Paris: one is described as a red granite monolithic column, 23 metres (75 ft) high, including the base and  weighs over 250 metric tons (280 short tons). IMG 3675  --> IMG 3676  --> IMG 3719  -->
IMG 3718  --> IMG 3710  --> IMG 3715  -->    

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