Computer Center

IMG 2669  Computer center. IMG 2668  Entrance to computer center, part of the town school. IMG 2423  Old, old PCs were used in the computer learning center. The center director's PC is front & center. IMG 2486  A principle motive of mine for going to Sta. Marta was to introduce Linux as a substitute for Windows — to save expensive licensing fees. Linux is becoming widely used in developing countries. Here, the center director works through his first installation of Ubuntu Linux. IMG 2485  Computer center director has his first experience using programs running under Linux. IMG 2670  One of the computer center technicians poses outside the Computer Center.
IMG 2674  The fellow on the left runs the local, computer controlled, hydroponic, tomato growing facility. They were falling back on manual controls because an old Apple computer, used as a controller, was malfunctioning. So he brought it to Manuela's (after the electricity came back on) for a consultation with me. Sadly, I had to tell him it was beyond hope. Luckily, our group had brought along some donated PCs and the best one went to him. COCODA's leader, Tim, is to the right. IMG 2676