La Cucina - Kitchen and Dinning

IMG 2390  La Cucina - our dinning hall with it's kitchen. IMG 2394  Inside the dinning hall. Note bottled water. We traveled with our own water from a trusted source. IMG 2392  A cooking area outside of the kitchen. IMG 2393  Corn was boiled for hours for pupusas. IMG 2406  A grill stands ready behind the open fire cooking pot. IMG 2407  Ladies of Sta. Marta made money by cooking food for us. Pancakes and plantains. Instruction had been provided on hygienic methods for preparation of food.
IMG 2405  Students wash dishes after a meal. IMG 2408  Smoke from the open fire cooking pot is visible just beyond the dish washing area. IMG 2693  Privacy in the privy — a sheet. IMG 2717  Gack! He's taking my picture.  (Posed)