Lago Suchitlan - Copopaya

IMG 2536  Lago (Lake) Suchitlan — a man-made impoundment to provide water for San Salvador. Viewed from a restaurant in Suchitoto where we ate lunch. IMG 2540  Boarding a boat to go out on Lago Suchitlan. IMG 2541 IMG 2543 IMG 2550 IMG 2552  Farm on a small island created by flooding to create reservoir.
IMG 2557  Birds (vultures?) on top of an old tree. IMG 2566  Cross marks spot of another massacre: the town of Copopaya. It was wiped out by government forces in a massacre. IMG 2561  The gentleman on the right is a survivor. IMG 2562  His story of survival: over 100 people were gunned down. A few survived by jumping into the lake, hid under lily pads, and swam across the lake to escape. IMG 2560  His dad survived because he was out-of-town on the day of the massacre. IMG 2564  Dad still carries a bolo (machete).
IMG 2547 IMG 2571 IMG 2568 IMG 2627  Later, we went to another location for lunch . . . IMG 2629  . . . and a swim in the pool.