Manuela's - our Home Away from Home

IMG 2455  We stayed at Manuel's home while we were in Sta. Marta. The doorway to our bedroom is just behind the green chair. IMG 2730  Manuela and her family poses for us. Her compadre was away. Host families were given a stipend for providing a place for us to stay. IMG 2472  Manuela's kitchen / cooking area. IMG 2463  A detail of the supports for the porch roof. IMG 2454  Manuela's son peels a fruit. Behind him is the  pila , a water storage tank. There is no constantly available, running water in Sta. Marta. Rotating around town, waster comes on for a few hours once a week and is stored in the pila. The bathing area is on the opposite side of the pila, in full view of the street just beyond the pile of gravel and corrugated metal wall. IMG 2711  Bath time.
IMG 2453  Papaya ready to eat. It was offered to me but we were warned about eating local foods and disease avoidnace. The fruit had been peeled in an unsanitary area and I sadly turned down the hospitality. IMG 2467  My bed - a rough wooden frame with rope tied across between rails to support the mattress. It was surprisingly comfortable. Our room had two beds, a desk, one electrical outlet and over head light bulb. IMG 2451  Betty's bed. A chicken commonly came in for a visit. IMG 2469  Our hostess gave up one of two rooms, normally used for her sons, and partitioned off the other room to provide privacy. IMG 2468  Another corner of her living area. IMG 2460  Pit privy behind the house. Pit privies provide a good means of protection from disease. However, there were some very large bugs in residence therein.
IMG 2459  Pausing to read a book in the yard. IMG 2461  A chicken and struts through the yard with her chicks. IMG 2464  Back yard. An  aloe  plant grows in the green pot. A local stopped by one afternoon for a leaf to use for medicinal purposes. IMG 2465  One scraggly chicken! IMG 2483  Manuela's children have a snack. IMG 2482  Roger and a COCODA helper who works with computers and helped with translations.
IMG 2729  After a severe rain storm, electricity was off for over 24 hours. Manuela's children study by candle light. IMG 2728 IMG 2716  Betty loves animals — the family gato (cat). IMG 2489  Manuela's ax, discussed on another page. IMG 2401  The family dog rests on a plastic bag next to my bed. IMG 2478  He spent a lot of time resting.
IMG 2479  Passing from the light into the darkness, this is the last time we saw the dog alive. IMG 2681  Washing dishes, Manuela's daughter helps out. Manuela prepared snacks and sold them on a corner downtown as school children and others passed by. She also sold a drink made with warm milk and cinnamon.