Sta. Marta - Scenes

IMG 2687  Map of Sts. Marta. IMG 2389  A local, typical  intercity "bus." IMG 2409  Many buses in El Salvador are recycled school buses from the USA, painted bright colors. IMG 2395  Students getting ready for a ride to see the Limpa River, about 10 km from Sta. Marta. IMG 2396  Trying for a cell phone signal. IMG 2418  School building.
IMG 2424  Sta. Marta church. Featured on the right is a picture of martyr Father Oscar Romero. IMG 2426  Street scene near church. IMG 2425  Hill side with crops planted by hand. There is little mechanized farming due to the nature of the land and high cost of machinery. IMG 2434  The home of one of the more prosperous families in Sta. Marta. IMG 2494  This mule stood just inside a barbed wire fence we passed each day on the wya to meals. IMG 2673  Another street scene — livestock roams the streets.
IMG 2679  More livestock near a store. IMG 2708  A young lady sits on a tree fallen across a stream used by women of town to do laundry (next picture). IMG 2689  Donning laundry by the stream. IMG 2692  Another home just behind the kitchen where we ate our meals. IMG 2703  Closeup of front yard. Rocks anchor sheet metal roof. IMG 2705  A home we passed daily on the path to meals.
IMG 2706  Another typical home. IMG 2688  School children on the path and bridge over a stream that flows through town. We followed the path to and from meals. IMG 2690  Here the path is not paved. IMG 2422  Another path which we took during a tour of Sta. Marta.