Suchitoto - Sights and People

IMG 2523  We took a break from Sta. Marta halfway through our visit to see the town of Suchitoto and nearby Lago (Lake) Suchitlan. IMG 2524 IMG 2584  Betty in front of our hostel. IMG 2623  The street leading past our hostel. IMG 2572  Our bed room. Again, a bed made from a wooden frame and ropes. After our visit here, we were scratching a lot, blamed on bed bugs by some. I think it was mosquitos which came out after the rain in Sta. Marta. IMG 2573  Lounging in the court yard at the hostel.
IMG 2574 IMG 2578 IMG 2580 IMG 2589  Lady selling fruit in the market place. IMG 2600  Intercity bus. IMG 2620  Hotel / restaurant where we had lunch.
IMG 2619  Students waiting to be served. IMG 2621  Waitress. IMG 2617  Sign on front of restaurant. IMG 2587  Memorial to Don Alejandro Cotto. (A web search after returning to the State reveals  info about  a famous Salvadoran filmmaker and writer named Don Alejandro Cotto.) IMG 2613  A up-scale hotel in Suchitoto. This is the nicest place we saw during our stay in El Salvador. Suchitoto is a popular place for people to go. IMG 2610  Mural just inside the hotel entrance.
IMG 2611  Looking the other direction in the lobby where there is also a sculpture and pool, behind. IMG 2608  Hotel pool. IMG 2615  Street scene near hotel. IMG 2612  Students returning to hostel from a walk around town. The water puddle reminds me of our trek through town the night before: it rained very hard and there are no storm sewers in Suchitoto. So, the water runs off in the streets. It got deeper and deeper as we approached the restaurant which was down hill from the hostel. We were soaked from head to foot. Some of repaired to the bath room, took off clothing and wrung it out.