Traveling to/from/in Elsalvador plus maps, impressions, purpose of the trip, etc.
map.1  El Salvador. SEE ALSO:    Reflections  on trip with discussion of why we went.   The University and Its Martyrs: Hope from Central America , by Dean Brackley, S.J.    Road map of El Salvador  (PDF, 900 kB, not printable) IMG 2331  RRUUC group leader working on notes during trip to El Salvador. IMG 2330  Everyone was tired on the trip to El Salvador: American Airlines cancelled our flight on the first day — after we stood in an impossibly long line waiting to check in. Told us to come back around 4 a.m. on the day we travelled to be sure and get checked in and given permission to board. IMG 2333  Mask off. IMG 2336  Students arrive in airport in San Salvador, the capital city. IMG 2348  Our bus arrives to take us to Sta. Marta.
IMG 2349  Loading luggage on top of the bus. IMG 2350  Loading. IMG 2352  Bus driver. IMG 2630  Driver and his son. IMG 2337  The bus was packed. Wouldn't pass US safety rules. No alternate exit, no aisle! Seats fold down to provide a aisle for loading in the back first. Fold seat back up and fill in next row, etc. IMG 2338  Don shoots pics of students.
IMG 2353  We were happy to have an  air conditioned  bus with comfortable seats. In prior years, travel was in an old school bus. IMG 2776  On the way home — modern road to airport. IMG 2779  Vendors along the road to the airport. IMG 2784  Vendors at many intersections. IMG 2826  Check point. IMG 2827
IMG 2829  Departure / arrival area. IMG 2831  Our plane on the tarmac prior to our departure for home. IMG 2832  Waiting for our flight in Miami — some of us had to lay over due to a snafu in immigration the night before. It delayed some of the students so two chaperones stayed behind for the night with those who missed boarding. Most went home  on the regular flight but those delayed were split between planes going to Dulles and BWI the next day. Students took it with equanimity.