UCA Memorials

IMG 2753  We visited a memorial garden at the University of Central America. Students contemplate and comfort one another — stories and images of massacres of priests and others were very moving. IMG 2757  Chapel at University of Central America. IMG 2762  Memorial wall. IMG 2761 IMG 2764 IMG 2763
IMG 2756  Memoria to Father Oscar Romero who was killed because of his support of poor peasants exploited by land owners. IMG 2755  Rose garden memorial to priests who died during a massacre by government troops. This wanton killing brought to the world's attention the atrocities occurrings in El Salvador during its civil war. IMG 2765  A memorial park in San Salvador. IMG 2768  Memorial wall listing tens of thousands who were killed during the civil war. Many more were unaccounted for. The young man is pointing to the names of relatives who were victims. IMG 2769 IMG 2772  Our bus waiting for us near the memorial wall.