Kennedy Center — Encore & Encore Rocks 12/16/2018 12/26/18

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Betty performed at the Kennedy Center on December 26, 2018. View the entire concert streaming on YouTube: video of concert. (N)
Encore Chorale leader, Jeanne Kelly, on the podium. (N)
Click here to go to Encore Creativity's web site. (N)
Encore Chorale filled the stage and balconies - over 500 singers performed in the concert hall, a 2,465 seat venue. (N)
Encore ROCKS Director Jeff Dokken on the podium. (S)
The Kennedy Center Concert Hall was nicely decorated for the Christmas holidays. (S)
Jeanne speaks to the audience. (S)
Singing as part of Encore Chorale. (S)
Betty laughs, probably at something said by Jeanne. (S)