Chateau Breze 5/8-23/2008

A small chateau with it's family still active.
Chateau Breze
Chateau Breze — court yard.
The Chateau coat of arms.
External view sowing chimney.
The chateau is surrounded by a deep moat. Entry was only via a draw bridge.
Looking up from the moat. The draw bridge is visible at top, left.
Betty looking down from a balcony along the moat.
Under the chateau are rooms carved from the limestone rock underlying it.
An entry way into the subterranean spaces under the chateau.
A winery with casks is in the "basement."
The subterranean spaces were also used for protection from invaders — similar to the underground homes of the Troglodytes featured in the Troglodyte Village section of this album.
Vat for making wine.
Chateau Breze vineyards viewed from a Chateau window.
Another view of the vineyards.
A flower in bloom at the chateau.
An out building, maybe a former stable or other structure, now a shop to sell wines from the chateau's vineyards.
Chateau Breze


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