Chateau Chambord — Exterior 5/8-23/2008

Chateau's had large, private gardens and even private forests for hunting.
The approach to Chateau Chambord.
A view from across the Loire.
Close up.
A cyclist rides around for the entertainments of tourists.
A view inside of the court yard.
Another view from the court yard. The tower houses a spiral staircase. Note the figures sticking out above the arches — drains — view a close up next view.
Drains lined with lead sheet metal as are the flashings above the ledges.
A fanciful down spout.
My companion listens to a narration about the chateau.
Accessory building.
The Chapel at Chateau Chambord.
A view from some distance of the chateau.
Looking towards the chateau's gardens. Chateau's also had private forests for hunting.

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