Chateau Vilandry 5/8-23/2008

A chateau with beautiful gardens.
Chateau Villandry.
The location of Villandry, just to the left of Tours, in the Loire Valley. The next slide shows a close up of the English text.
Close up of sign.
Marvelous gardens at Chateau Villandry.
Looking down on sculpted bushes.
Tourists on a balcony at Chateau Villandry.
A gazebo on the chateau grounds.
Rose arbor with your's truly.
Yellow roses on a stone wall.
Looking out over the chateau from a roof top walkway.
Looking down on gardens from roof top. The buildings in the distance are part of the surrounding town.
An elevated walkway along one side of gardens.
View of walkway.
A view of gardens from promenade.


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