Noyon 5/8-23/2008

Home town of son-in-law to be.
Noyon Cathedral - Charlemagne was crowned here in 768, 37 years after the founding of the cathedral. John Calvin was born in Noyon.
Noyon is the home of my daughter's in-laws.
Daughter's wedding took place in the Noyon Cathedral.
We toured the church with family. The church caretaker showed us around.
This ancient key opened the doors.
Daughter on the cathedral grounds.
Buildings surrounding the cathedral were associated therewith, e.g., this dormitory.
Family assembled in front of the cathedral for a picture. Daughter, fiancee, his dad, mom, and sister. Behind, L to R is fiancee's brother, your's truly and his bride.
We traveled to Noyon to meet my expected-to-be son-in-law's family.
Fiancee's brother shoots pictures inside of the cathedral.
The family walking in the street leading to the family home.
Listening to a description of the cathedral.
The parents were active in reviewing the history of the cathedral.