Rochecorbon 5/8-23/2008

A quaint village in the Loire Valley — we stayed there in a B&B
Street leading to our B&B in Rochecorbon, a small town on the banks of the Loire (MAP).
Window and chimney for a "basement" of previously pictured house.
Looking down hill from the court yard of our B&B.
Looking down from the court yard of our B&B.
Roses growing on a trellis down the street from our B&B,
We parked in a cave across the street from our B&B.
Garage made from caves hacked into limestone.
Front yard of cave home. Many have been modernized and look much different than they would have in past eras.
A cute entrance to a modernized cave home.
Remodeling materials stacked next to the entrance for a cave home.
A small room tacked onto the front of a cave home.
Down the street from our B&B.
A cave home extended into the sunlight.


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