Troglodyte Village 5/8-23/2008

People lived here underground - "troglodytes."
Sign pointing the way to the Troglodyte Village of Rochemenier, Loire Valley region.
The central, depressed courtyard with entrances to room carved from limestone.
The village was hewn from limestone with people living underground for protection from enemies.
Entrance to an underground home. Note hole above left doorway — it will be visible in a subsequent image.
Inside the home.
A remarkable old clock.
Furniture of the time.
A relatively modern sink was installed sometime along the way. Note that window carved in the rock to let light into the home.
Cooking utensils, etc.
Leaving home. Note hold / window for admitting light and air above doorway.
A millstone.
More interior images illustrating Troglodyte life underground.


Postcards illustrating aspects of the village and its people.

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