Family Pictures 5/8-23/2008

Pictures take at various locations around France.
Daughter pouring champagne to celebrate our arrival in Paris.
Wife examining info at the troglodyte Village.
Daughter goes for a shot of a pig wandering about at the Calvados distillery.
Checking out the fish in Trouville-sur-Mer.
Oops! How'd this get here??
Checking out souveniers at a street vendor's stand.
Daughter admiring the veggies at the market, probably in Honfluer.
Sausages of many kinds.
Yours truly in the dovcot (pigeon growing house), Amboise.
Dad and daughter in front of Cathedral de Notre Dame.
Yours truly on a bridge spanning the Seine in Paris.
Daughter in park on day of arrival in Paris.
Yours turly taking a shot of Chateau Chambord.
On a street in Paris.
Waiting for lunch in park, first day of arrival in Paris.
Same place, different person.
Very tired, having made a trans Atlantic flight — it's the middle of the night back in the states — should be in bed asleep.
Daughter in front of fountain near where we ate, first day in Paris.

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