Where we stayed 5/8-23/2008

Homes and B*Bs where we stayed in France
In Noyon, we stayed in the Hotel le Cedre. It is directly across the street from the cathedral.
Street corner where we stayed in Paris.
Another street corner near the Paris apartment.
Closer view.
The apartment house where we stayed.
View from a park across the street from the apartment we stayed in.
Looking down a nearby street.
After visiting Paris and Noyon, we toured in the Loire Valley. This map shows many of the places we visited in the Loire Valley. We stayed in Rochecorbon, just to the east of Tour.
Entrance to our little cottage.
The entrance to our B&B is in the middle on the right.
Our host in Rochecorbon.
Flowers a wall near our B&B.
The owner's home at our guest house.
Looking down over the town of Rochecorbon.
We parked our rental car across the street.
Looking down the street.


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