Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Visit with relatives and celebration of fifth wedding anniversary in Noyon, France.
DSCN0002  --> Celebratory dinner in Noyon. In foreground, Nam's sister Thanh-Loan and, across from her, mate Alban. Next are Nam and Alexandra, then, Alex's dad, Roger across from Nam's dad, Dr. Vo Duy. At the end, Nam's mother, Mrs. Vo Duy across from Betty. DSCN0003  --> Same folks from the other end of the table. IMG 20170901 125027  --> Lunch in Compiègne. IMG 20170901 124916  --> Lunch with frites nicely stacked. DSCN0004  --> The family got together for a Bar-b-que at the home of Nam's parents. Here, Mrs. Vo Duy slices some freshly barbequed meat. DSCN0007  -->
DSCN0014  --> In addition to Bar-b-que, meats, seafood, noodles and other comestibles were cooked in the pot on the right. DSCN0011  --> We had a real feast! DSCN0029  --> DSCN0022  --> DSCN0009  --> Refreshments abounded. DSCN0046  --> 5 ans (years) Alex et Nam - Fifth wedding anniversary cake.
DSCN0055  --> Dessert with fireworks! DSCN0053  --> Preparing to light up. DSCN0059  --> Whoa! Lit! DSCN0050  --> DSCN0062  --> You can never have too many desserts. DSCN0008  --> Nam's dad and Betty.
DSCN0027  --> The happy couple. DSCN0025  --> Nam's sister, Than-Loan. DSCN0042  --> DSCN0023  --> DSCN0018  --> DSCN0041  --> Games in the backyard.
DSCN0039  --> Wine and Pellegrino, top-notch sparkling water. DSCN0036  --> DSCN0060  --> DSCN0065  --> IMG 20170903 164831  --> While visiting Noyon, we went off on our own for a drive through the pleasant country side and came across a group of men (boys?) at a model airplane field. The gentleman is posing with his remotely controlled drone. IMG 20170903 164850  --> A working model of a WWII U.S. Navy fighter plane.
IMG 20170903 165056  --> IMG 20170903 164919  --> A unique model. IMG 20170903 165225  --> This gentleman is flying a model helicopter, visible in the upper left of this image. IMG 20170903 165135  --> The helicopter is flying in the distant middle right. comptoir1  --> Le Comptoir de Malt - a bar / restaurant that we ate at on our last night in Noyon - one of the very few places open on Sunday night. comptoir2  --> Bar tender at Le Comptoir de Malt.
IMG 20170914 091733  --> At the end of the trip, we stayed overnight at Hotel CitizenM at Charles de Gaulle airport, the main airport for Paris. This is a view from the hotel window of planes on a taxiway. IMG 20170914 091836  --> Another view of planes on taxiways near the hotel. to our surprise, there was no airport / plane noise in our room. IMG 20170913 192302  --> Men's restroom at Hotel CitizenM, Charles de Gaulle airport, France. The curls in the "hair" are made from toilet paper tubes. Notice the delicate draping with t.p. IMG 20170913 192343  --> Lady's restroom at Hotel CitizenM, Charles de Gaulle airport, France. Again, the curls in the "hair" are made from toilet paper tubes and there is delicate draping with t.p