Jungfraujoch & Interlaken

Top of Europe: Jungfraujoch / Interlaken
IMG 20170906 111404  --> Jungfraujoch (phonetically, yung - frau - jock) is  the  highlight at Interlaken. At an altitude of nearly 12,000 feet, the train station is the highest in Europe. The visitors center is pictured in the middle of a poster, located in the Interlaken train station. IMG 20170906 142758  --> IMG 20170906 140826  --> Betty at the top of Europe. IMG 20170906 141057  --> Given the altitude, Roger stayed at the last transfer point while Betty went up several thousand feet to the "Top of Europe." Burst Cover GIF Action 20170906080721  --> View from visitor's center, Jungfraujoch. Burst Cover GIF Action 20170906080736  --> Glacier at Jungfraujoch.
IMG 20170906 142336  --> Looking down from the visitor's center, there's a recreation area for snow tubing. Next images show that the little dots are people. IMG 20170906 142336.1  --> Next comes a close-up of the rec area. IMG 20170906 142336.2  --> There are the people. interlaken.jungfrau  --> Interlaken to Jungfraujoch. ( Wikipedia description of Jungfraujoch ) DSCN0105  --> A train that goes to Jungfraujoch. DSCN0156  --> The last leg of the trip to Jungfraujoch is aboard this red train seen climbing the mountain.
DSCN0098  --> Trains leaving the station in Interlaken to climb up to Jungfraujoch. kleine.scheidegg.station  -->  Kleine Scheidegg  rail station, last stop en route from Inerlaken to Jungfraujoch. The train from Interlaken is in the foreground while the red train to Jungfraujoch can be seen on the opposite side of the station. Roger stayed here, at ~6,700 ft, to avoid possible effects from lack of oxygen at the 12,000 foot level. (Image from web.) DSCN0155  --> Rail yard at Kleine Scheidegg. train.jungfraujoch.  --> Winter view of the train to Jungfraujoch (image from the web). DSCN0143  --> Train returns. Most of this leg of the trip is through a tunnel. DSCN0159  --> In the distance, upper right, the train will pass through a long shelter, used to protect agains avalanches in the winter time.
DSCN0152  --> A man leans out of the window of the JUNGFRAUBAHN; Roger's reflection, in the train window, can be seen in the middle. (Bahn: train) DSCN0126  --> Climbing the mountain, looking from a window en route up to Kleine Scheidegg. Multiple switchbacks ease the climb. DSCN0119  --> The mountain inclines are so steep that cog railways are used. Cog wheels on the bottom of the train engage the cog rail between tracks to pull the train up the mountain. DSCN0125.1  --> Close-up of cogs. DSCN0125  --> Another view of cogs. The cogs are also used during descent to keep trains from running away. DSCN0147  --> At train stations, walk ways over the tracks also have a groove for the cog rail.
DSCN0214  --> DSCN0103  --> Trains follow rivers that cut through the mountains. DSCN0164  --> A village in the distance en route to Jungfraujoch. DSCN0180  --> A house along the trip up the mountain. Note the intricate wood working and interlocking logs on the corners of the house. See detail in next image. DSCN0180.1  --> DSCN0209  --> Village and houses in the meadows, en route to Jungfraujoch.
DSCN0114  --> Another village with a water fall on the edge of the village. DSCN0113  --> DSCN0113.1  --> DSCN0191  --> DSCN0216  --> DSCN0185  -->
DSCN0183  --> DSCN0191.1.  --> DSCN0133  --> Our train is rounding a curve and headed towards an avalanche shelter covering the tracks. DSCN0179  --> Cow with iconic bell hanging from its neck. DSCN0194  --> DSCN0210  -->
DSCN0111  --> DSCN0134  --> DSCN0176  --> interlaken  --> IMG 20170906 201030  -->  INTERLAKEN  — by night. Interlaken: "between the lakes," is located between two lakes. It is the gateway to scenic Jungfraujoch. Many Muslim tourists were in Interlaken. IMG 20170906 201803  --> They don't like to have their pictures taken.
IMG 20170906 201057  --> IMG 20170906 201028  --> IMG 20170905 193547  --> Downtown Interlaken. hotel.krebs  --> We stayed at the Hotel Krebs, a short walk from the train station. IMG 20170905 192725  --> Parasailing over the streets of Interlaken: we saw several. para.sailer.circled  --> There s/he is.
IMG 20170905 192939  --> Betty finds a model  St. Bernard  in downtown Interlaken. IMG 20170906 202038  --> Horse drawn carriages are common in touristic Interlaken. DSCN0094  --> A snack shop in Interlaken. DSCN0093  --> Dispensers in  a local snack bar look like udders to be "milked" for ketchup and mayonnaise.