Overview of travels including maps, discussion of trains.
iad.cdg  --> First leg of trip, day one: fly IAD (Dulles International Airport, Washington, DC), to CDG (Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris, France). noyon  --> Day two: Travel to Noyon , denoted by the orange dagger, via rental car from CDG. Visit and party. cdg.gva  --> Day six: return to CDG and fly to Geneva, Switzerland. Stay overnight in Geneva. Brünig Goldenpass Panoramic  --> En route, at Montreux, we boarded the GoldenPass Panoramic Express. (Image from the web) : SBB, Brünig, Reisende man  --> The Man in Seat 61: Mark Smith. His  web site  is a comprehensive guide to train travel in Europe and other destinations. We found our booking agent through The Man in Seat 61, as well as other excellent guidance about train travel. Mark is a former rail manager;  more about mark . interlaken.jungfrau  --> Days eight to nine: Visit Interlaken, we took a scenic train to Jungfraujoch, commonly called the "roof of Europe."
train.jungfraujoch.  --> Winter scene showing the train climbing to Jungfraujoch (image from the web). vie.cdg  --> Last leg of travel in Europe: fly from Vienna to Paris / CDG. Next day, return to IAD. speed  --> We rode on a  Railjet  train from Innsbruck to Vienna. These images are screen shots of the route displayed on my cell phone. They show the speed of the train, accelerating to 230 kilometers per hour, near its top speed of 240 km/h (150 MPH). The ride was "as smooth as glass." switz.liecht.aust  --> 12 / 13 Last leg of train travel (3 days) — Chur to Innsbruck, Austria, passing through a bit of tiny  Lichtenstein . After an overnight in Innsbruck, we went on to our final destination of Vienna.