Scenic Golden Pass Line

Views from the scenic train ride from Montreaux to Interaken, Switzerland.
gva.interlaken  --> Day seven: Start scenic train tour of Swiss and Austrian Alps. Travel from Geneva to Interlaken. DSCN0068  --> Typical country scene along the way. DSCN0076  --> Many pictures were taken with views from train windows. Some reflections were unavoidable. DSCN0070  --> Last apology for reflection - the dark haze on the left and faint reflections of ceiling lights run from mid-left of image. DSCN0087  --> The Thunersee en route to Interlaken. DSCN0083  --> Snow-capped mountains in the distance.
DSCN0082  --> DSCN0081  --> Cows! DSCN0079  --> A small village. Note solar panels on the roof of one house. DSCN0078  --> More cows. IMG 20170905 113115  --> Menu on the train, featuring a cow.