Zermatt & The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn and stay in Zermatt.
DSCN0226  --> The Matterhorn viewed from the village of Zermatt. zermatt  --> Zermatt by night with the Matterhorn in the background (image from the web). DSCN0258  --> Approaching the Matterhorn. DSCN0232  --> The train to Gornergrat had bike racks. A fellow from Philadelphia took the train to Gornergrat and rode it back down to Zermatt. I stayed over between trains to view the mountain. He beat me back to the train station in Zermatt. DSCN0236  --> The  Matterhorn . At 14,692 ft, it is among the tallest peaks in Europe and straddles the border between Italy and Switzerland. DSCN0271  --> Panorama of glacier adjacent to the Matterhorn, viewed from Gornergrat visitor's center.
DSCN0273  --> Closer view of glacier flowing down the mountain side. gornergrat  -->  Gornergrat . At 10,285 ft (3,135 m), Gornergrat is an excellent point from which to view the Matterhorn. Notice the train tracks ascending a steep incline. DSCN0269  --> The Gornergrat bahn (train) at the end of its run from Zermatt to Gornegrat. DSCN0280  --> Looking down the tracks from the Gornergrat station, notice how quickly the grade drops off. Overhead wires power the trains. A double row of cogs is between the rails. DSCN0281  --> Another view, in which one can see the drop-off beginning at the station. DSCN0332  --> A double row of cogs between the rails. A powered cog wheel, on the bottom of the train, pulls it up the steep mountain grades and provides braking on the way back down.
DSCN0283.1  --> The train descends quickly via switchbacks. The tracks descending from the station appear mid-right with poles for electric lines bordering the track. The sweep of the switchback seen here is highlighted in the next image. DSCN0283  --> DSCN0307  --> Hikers wave at the train as we pass on the way back down the mountain, with the Matterhorn in the background. DSCN0326  --> A train station along the route to / from Gornergrat. DSCN0243  --> DSCN0253  --> A long avalanche shed provides protection over train tracks.
DSCN0255  --> Another view of the avalanche shed. One can see light poles along the tracks on the right. Off in the distance, along the top of the ridge, are towers for a ski lift. DSCN0238  --> Looking down on the village of Zermatt from the Gornergrat Bahn. IMG 20170907 185951  --> Our hotel in Zermatt: the Hotel Daniela. Our room had one of the balconies overlooking a small courtyard. DSCN0221  --> Hotel insignia on a blanket. The hotel and other tourist facilities, are family owned and run. We enjoyed a nice dinner at their nearby restaurant. DSCN0223  --> Hotels in Europe are commonly tied to electronics that are used throughout the hotel, aiding in automation. DSCN0217  --> We had a nicely decorated room. Note the pillows fluffed up like mountain peaks.
IMG 20170907 190828  --> The door to our room. DSCN0348  --> Flowers decorate balconies and window sills throughout Switzerland. DSCN0229  --> DSCN0342  --> DSCN0349  --> This hotel reminds us of a region in New York City: Astoria Queens. DSCN0343  -->
IMG 20170907 185657.1  --> The roof of a restaurant is covered with large, flat stones. IMG 20170907 185657.2  --> The stones are quite thick. We saw them in the river beds along train tracks in Switzerland.