Puerto Penasco

Pictures from a family visit - January, 2008
img 0179  --> View of beach (Sea of Cortez / Gulf of California) from balcony condo at sunset . img 0180  --> Another view of the beach. img 0204  --> Condos viewed from Puerto Penasco. img 0188  --> View in opposite direction from the beach! It's the Sonoran Desert which extends from southern AZ into Mexico and right up to the Sea of Cortez. Condos are on a narrow strip of irrigated land. img 0187  --> View from of neighboring condo from balcony of our condo. img 0178  --> Laura and Betty on the balcony, illuminated by the setting sun.
img 0183  --> Condo pool at night - from condo balcony. img 0185  --> Decoration on wall of balcony. img 0191  --> Souvenir shop, Puerto Penasco. img 0197  --> Shrimp monger in downtown Puerto Penasco. img 0195  --> Statue in downtown Puerto Penasco - condos visible in the distance. img 0193  --> This explains the white streaks on the statue.
img 0200  --> Sculpture of sea birds in flight, Puerto Penasco. img 0202  --> Statue depicting fisherman and lobster, Puerto Penasco - Betty in front. img 0206  --> Sculptured horse and wagon in front of "art shop." img 0199  --> Lady and her dog, Puerto Penasco img 0198  --> img 0215  --> Dead wood - not really Mexico: desert in Organ Pipe National Park AZ - along the way back to Phoenix.
img 0214  --> Betty strolls in Organ Pipe Natl. Park. img 0216  --> Why I took this picture of a sign along the road en route back to Phoenix.